Who We Are

Beebizy is a service search engine that connects freelancers with clients. We have over 100 categories from tutors to designers. We specialize in connecting people and creating a marketplace to help ignite people's passion and creating a time saver for clients.

Why We Started

Beebizy was started out of the frustration for not having a platform that could equally empower the freelancer and entrepreneur as well as the customer. We wanted a place where someone could do what they love, on their own time and at their own price. We are a strong community that wants the best for everyone and wants to help people live out their passions. You can be your true, authentic self here and we're here to support that.

Laila Marshall

CEO & Founder

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Meet The Team

Laila Marshall

CEO & Founder

Laila graduated USC during the recession and knew that she had to work extra hard to make sure she pursued any kind of opportunity possible. She started her career as an intern with Universal Music Group handling part of their marketing department. A few years later, she joined her father's business in the healthcare industry. Here, Laila managed the branch for on-demand healthcare staffing, while pursuing her MBA at Pepperdine University. In the meantime, Laila wished there was a platform that equally empowered entrepreneurs and clients. Laila always lived by "if you do what you love, the rest will follow." She wants happier people on this planet doing what they love and making a living from it. Equally, she wanted to save clients' time with a streamlined platform that could get to pricing, reviews, and profiles within 3-4 clicks. And that is where Beebizy was born.

Agostina Rodriguez

UX/UI Designer

Agostina received her BS in Biology from UC Davis and upon graduating, decided she wanted to pursue her love for design. After taking a few courses at Santa Monica College, she had the opportunity to join Beebizy as a designer. She spends most of her time drinking coffee, eating cookies, and listening to indie rock music.

Raquel Davidson

Social Media Marketing Manager

Raquel is a UCLA alum with a passion for communication and marketing. As a SoCal native, she loves hitting the beach and soaking up the sun on LA's trails. She spends most of her time writing captions for the 'Gram, jamming out on Spotify, or watching yet another Netflix crime show.

Kristie Campochiaro

Creative Contributor

Kristie is a Valley native whose creative and organized mindset landed her a job at Beebizy. When she's not working, she loves exploring new Tiki bars, going to Disneyland, and camping with her kids.

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